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              Welcome to Affordable Furniture Manufacturing!

              Affordable Furniture Manufacturing, Inc. is one of the largest privately owned furniture manufacturers in the United States. Commencing operations in 2004 in Houlka, MS Affordable Furniture Manufacturing, Inc. is a domestic supplier specializing in the manufacture of promotional upholstered furniture. Our extensive product offering includes stationary upholstery, motion upholstery, leather upholstery, recliners, sleepers, sectionals, sofas, loveseats, chairs, ottomans, chaises, and accent pieces. Affordable Furniture Manufacturing, Inc. is a true low cost producer with emphasis on quality at a very reasonable price achieved through efficiencies which translates to value. Finished goods inventory is maintained on all items with orders shipped immediately from stock.

              Affordable Furniture Manufacturing, Inc. - Quality, Price, Value, Exceptional Service & Timely Delivery!